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Our History

A brief history of AIM Cleaning & Maintenance

The original company, Aim Network, Inc., was founded in 1990. For many years, we operated as a Supply company by providing Janitorial and Restaurant products throughout New England. During the mid-1990's, customer requests lead the company to expand and provide Janitorial services. In 2003, Raymond Vitolo gained ownership and changed the name to Aim Cleaning & Maintenance Services, LLC. With over forty years of experience in the cleaning and maintenance field, Ray Vitolo carried a vision. By assembling a Senior Management Team of experienced professionals, this vision was portrayed as the company proudly restored the true meaning of "Customer Service" to the cleaning industry.

As an expanding company, our focus continues to be on Customer Service. We currently service over 6,000,000 square feet daily and are projecting to be over 10,000,000 by 2014. Our Operational Managers visit each site on a regular basis to inspect the assigned crew and its work. To further ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we have invested a portion of our financial resources in developing a separate department that is dedicated to customer service. This Customer Service Department is the nucleus of our organization, as its sole focus is guaranteeing our customers are receiving the highest quality of service.

The quality of service is maintained through the Quality Inspection Tours carried out by the Department. Following a site tour, a written report is developed and provided for both our Operational Management and the Customer. This report allows for review of how we are meeting our customer's expectations, and provides the opportunity for any deficiencies to be corrected.

Through the experience and expertise held by our management team and the work ethics held by our staff, we are confident that our company demonstrates a dedication to excellence. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with our services.